Access towers and why they are needed

When working at a tall height an access tower is very useful and makes it more possible.

Next, our team have been trained and are competent to do this work. We know this as the type of tower selected must be suitable for the work, erected and dismantled which we have much experience in doing.access tower

The potential dangers and precautions required during use of tower scaffolds should also be taught and trained.

Tower scaffold provision and use must be properly managed. This includes rigorous scaffold inspection arrangements.

Scaffolding, access towers and platform equipment that is reliable, professionally tested and ready to use in any environment.  Hire from our selection of robust, easy to erect towers, scaffolds and platforms, you can be working in a matter of minutes.

The Access Towers and Platforms available to hire offer up solutions for all working at height requirements. Whether it’s an in or outdoor project you’ll find a platform or access tower to suit your needs.

Key issues with access tower scaffolds are:

  • Erection and dismantling.
  • Stability.
  • Precautions and inspection.
  • Using and moving.

Lots of workers and pedestrians are injured each year when they fall from towers or when the tower overturns.

Furthermore, being erected by trained and competent people is essential when building access towers. Organisations in large numbers provide training for the safe erection and use of tower scaffolds.

The incidents that occur are mainly caused by:

  • Methods of erection or dismantling being highly dangerous. – Safe systems are not being followed.
  • Defects in the erected scaffold. – Tower structures are incorrectly assembled or where a platform guardrail is missing.
  • Misuse of the scaffold. –  Ladders are used on a tower causing it to overturn or when a person falls while the tower is being moved.


For more information on scaffolding go to this government page: click here.