Independent & Structural Scaffolding.


The independent scaffold consists of two rows of with each row being joined together with ledgers. The ledgers support the transverse transoms. The scaffold is independent from the building itself but is tied to it at suitable intervals. The inner row should be set as close as is practicable to the building. A base plate is provided for each row of standards. In addition, diagonal braces are fitted between standards to provide stability. The distance between the lines of standards should be the minimum necessary to accommodate the required number of boards and toe boards.

This type of scaffolding is suitable for the residential, the commercial sectors, building and construction industries. It does not depend on the building and its structure as it does not use the building for support. The ledges touch the building in a few places to improve the stability but it is a self-supporting structure. The independent scaffolding is used to provide a structure for light projects, like painting, decorating, and cladding.